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“All Of Us Are Dead” makes it to the top on Netflix’s list of most-watched shows worldwide

It’s Chinese New Year and that means everyone is getting a public holiday break! If you are looking for some new drama to watch, why not give Netflix’s new zombie series a try!

The new series, All Of Us Are Dead, had been released on Netflix on 28 January. Despite being released just 4 days ago, it is now already the top streamed drama on Netflix, not only beating the rankings in Malaysia but worldwide!

The story is based on a popular Webtoon Now At Our School by artist Joo Dong-Geun, is set in a high school in Korea where students are turned into bloodthirsty zombies while survivors try to stay alive.

All of Us Are Dead is a classic zombie outbreak story, but unlike a majority of zombie films, the characters in All Of Us Are Dead know of the concept of zombies, and the idea of the aggressive undead is well-known.

The story features a tense battle between students turned into zombie hordes and struggling survivors. It started with a girl getting bitten by a lab rat, and then she, in turn, bites a classmate, and, before you know it, the whole city is overrun by mutilated, gargling zombies.

In addition, the drama also sketches a wider portrait of society, depicting the chaos of government quarantine facilities and valiant attempts by authorities to cobble together an infection control plan.

The drama also captures the complex, moral struggle on the streets, where survival demands selfishness, even when the little bit of humanity in everyone implores them to limit harm. 

Despite being in such circumstances, our main group of characters still manage to do all the things that high schoolers do, like fall in love and get into fights (with zombies).

The series is only 12 episodes long, each with a running time of around 53 to 72 minutes, making it perfect to binge this week.

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