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Young man desperate for online sex ends up being a victim threatened with voodoo doll for money

A young man ended up being threatened by his ‘partner’ because he wanted to enjoy sex through a video call.

Not only the loss of money, the victim claimed that the woman threatened to “santau” him or charm him.

The victim said the incident happened around August last year when he was alone in his house and met an Indonesian woman through a chat site.

“I have never made a pornographic call with any woman before. Through the application I saw the woman offering the service.

“After finishing, I received a video recorded by the woman with a threatening message asking me to pay her RM350.

“Not only that, she also sent me pictures of doll shaped as a human. If payment is not made, she threatened to share the footage on social media and send a “santau” to me,” he said when making a complaint to the Head of the Complaints Department of Pertubuhan Kebajikan Amal Sejagat Malaysia Syed Kamarul Al Masyhur.

The victim said he informed her that he did not have that much money and the woman asked him to deposit RM50 into an unknown bank account.

A day later, the woman asked for another RM50 along with the same threats for a week in a row.

“Soon, she asked me to hand over my account number along with a copy of the identity card. I began to feel uneasy.

“After that, I received a notification that a sum of RM500 had been put into my account and the woman asked me to buy five e-wallet pin numbers. Until now, I worry that the account was being used irresponsibly,” he said.

Meanwhile, Syed Kamarul said, they found that the teenager was the victim of an account mule syndicate which used the modus operandi to lure the victim with pornographic call offers.

He said the victim who was scared after being threatened would hand over personal details including account number and identity card, but the threat continued.

In this case, just for wanting to try a sex call on a social site, the victim got stuck.

“Amal Sejagat advises the public not to be fooled by any promotion of pornographic calls on certain applications as it is most likely a trap,” he said.


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