Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Watch: Another ‘tornado’-like freak storm wreaks havoc in Ipoh

NewsWatch: Another 'tornado'-like freak storm wreaks havoc in Ipoh

Just recently, a resident in a town in Kedah managed to captured a video as the strong winds forms a tornado right in front of her home and wreaks havoc as it passes by.

On Sunday (30 January), a similar incident happened in several parts of Ipoh, with an abnormally intense whirlwind forming in a freak storm blowing off rooftops and damaging several homes barely 2 days before Chinese New Year.

The storm was reported to have landed in Kampung Tawas, Taman Tasik Damai, Taman Desa Seri Chepor and Kampung Seri Klebang Tambahan.

Some residents even described the incident as being hit by a ‘tornado’ as they shared footage and images of the devastating winds.

Meanwhile, such weather occurrences are highly uncommon in the country.

Source: Facebook

According to Berita Harian, a spokesperson from the Perak Fire and Rescue Department said the department received a distress call about the storm at around 6.40 p.m. on Sunday (30 January).

“As soon as our machinery arrived at the location, we found that several trees had fallen and some homes were damaged,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying.

“There are no injuries reported currently but monitoring of the areas is still being carried out.”

The Star also reported over 300 houses here were affected by the freak storm, with electrical poles and trees felled during the incident.

“All relevant agencies, including Ipoh police, the Kinta Public Works Department, Civil Defence Department, Ipoh City Council, Chemor and Tanjung Rambutan’s Penghulu Office and Tenaga Nasional Bhd are on the ground to provide their assistance,” the spokesperson added.

Could this be part of the effects of climate change? Share your thoughts!

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