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KTM now offers a bicycle coach, allowing cyclists to go on cross country cycling and sightsee with ease

LifestyleKTM now offers a bicycle coach, allowing cyclists to go on cross...

Cycling is a great hobby itself, but it is also a great communal hobby as well. Whether it’s riding professionally or for leisure, it brings so much joy to people.

Meanwhile, if you have yet to go on a cross country cycling trip, you can give it a try using KTM’s new bicycle coaches now.

According to The Star, KTM Bhd is now offering trains for special charters to cater to cyclists and any other type of recreational activity. The service is being known as the Ekspres Koc Basikal (XKB).

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The XKB features a passenger train cabin that has been modified to accommodate about 60 full-sized bicycles. There are 3 coaches to hold the bicycles, all with additions to enable bicycles to be transported upright in a secure manner.

Meanwhile, cyclists will sit in a separate air-conditioned coach with a seating capacity of 60.


“By taking our train, they can explore locations further away from home safely as they will not tire themselves out too much by cycling vast distances,” said KTM’s chief corporate officer Suhaimi Yaacob.

“XKB is also KTM’s support for the Agenda Nasional Malaysia Sihat, which aims to uplift the health status of Malaysians through participation in wholesome activities.” he added.

Apart from XKB, KTM has several specially outfitted coaches available for rent too, including those for sightseeing, buffets, conferences and even a special saloon coach with a full-sized bed and private bathroom.

KTM said any private charter train trip in various configurations can be arranged based on the client’s request.

Meanwhile, the XKB’s rental price depends on which line it would run on and the distance to be covered.

For enquiries, you can call 03-2263 1077 or drop an email at [email protected]

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