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TIME “Kabel Besar” with Superfast Wi-Fi 6

Here comes in TIME’s “Kabel Besar”, now bigger and better with Wi-Fi 6. Say goodbye to your old rusty Wi-Fi 5 devices.

Let’s get the basics of Wi-Fi 6 down pat first. Also known as the 802.11ax standard, Wi-Fi 6 is an IEEE standard used to label wireless local area networks (WLAN). It succeeds the Wi-Fi 5 standard that is commonly used in almost every modern device. In terms of speed, Wi-Fi 6 is capable of hitting speeds of up to 9.6Gbps; more than double what Wi-Fi 5 can achieve (it’s 3.5Gbps, in case some of you were wondering).

But what’s more important than higher average transfer speeds is that Wi-Fi 6 is proven to have a higher throughput-per-area coverage, as well as an improvement in the number of connected devices it can handle, while connected to the network, thanks in no small part to its access to the 6GHz spectrum. Technically speaking, a Wi-Fi 6-ready router or modem can handle between eight and nine devices.

What’s This About Mesh Wi-Fi?

While mesh Wi-Fi technology isn’t a new concept, by any stretch of the imagination, it is inherently a very useful and helpful technology that helps by eliminating Wi-Fi dead zones, in and around the house. TIME’s OmniMesh devices basically ensures that your device is always connected to the strongest signal available, no matter where you are at home. In other words, you’re always guaranteed the same performance, quality, and stability over Wi-Fi at all times.

As an extra added bonus, the new router provided by TIME is Wi-Fi 6 AND mesh ready, providing subscribers with the flexibility to scale up, should the need arise.

Is My Device Wi-Fi 6 Ready?

The short answer: yes, your device should be Wi-Fi 6 ready, provided your Apple and Android-based devices were purchased from 2020 onwards. That said and as a rule of thumb, it is recommended that you actively check if your device does actually support the standard.

What Are The Benefits Of Wi-Fi 6?

One particular benefit of Wi-Fi 6 is the wireless standard’s ability to keep up to nine devices connected, while still ensuring that all connected devices are able to enjoy those blitzing-fast speeds, courtesy of TIME Fibre Home.

Two key technologies also help drive Wi-Fi 6’s superior performance – MU-MIMO and OFDMA – although it’s the former that is likely more at play. Short for Multi-User, Multiple Input Multiple Output, MU-MIMO has been around for some time now, but with Wi-Fi 6, that technology is enhanced.

As an example, through a combination of TIME’s 1Gbps plan and their Wi-Fi 6 devices, a family of four people could easily connect to the internet wirelessly: mom and dad streaming 4K movies on the TV; one kid could be livestreaming their video game playthrough on Twitch, while the other sibling is downloading multiple seasons of their favourite anime series at one go. And they still wouldn’t be able to throttle the overall speeds.

That brings us nicely into another important point: TIME’s “Kabel Besar”, now with Wi-Fi 6.

With TIME Fibre Home, you’re not just guaranteed a very stable internet connection, but also lightning-fast transfer speeds in uplinks and downlinks. After all, with its “Kabel Besar”, the service provider has been acknowledged by Ookla as having one of the most consistent home internet connections in the country. In addition, it can also guarantee that there is a package for virtually everyone and anyone underneath its umbrella. Couple that with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, and you’re effectively transforming your entire household into an IoT-compliant and capable centre.

The secret sauce to TIME’s super-fast internet speeds? Its wholly-owned 100% fibre networks, capable of delivering speeds of up to 1Gbps. Again, if you have no need for the full 1Gbps, fret not as there are several packages that are tailored to specific clientele.

From “Besar” To “Paling Besar”, Plus Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi 6

If you are the kind of internet user that measures your consumption by terabytes, then TIME’s “Kabel Paling Besar”, otherwise known as the 1Gbps plan, is the one for you. At that speed, you can game with no lag, stream in 4K and upload Tik Toks all day with bandwidth to spare. 

The good news is that TIME is currently offering new 1Gbps subscribers an awesome deal with RM50 off for the first six months, meaning that you’ll be paying RM149 for the duration before jumping back up to RM199. But wait, there’s more! If you sign up online, you’ll be getting yourself both a FREE mesh Wi-Fi AND Lazada shopping vouchers.

So, if that’s piqued your interest, we highly recommend that you do not wait any longer. Head over to the TIME Home Fibre’s official website to find out more about the plan and check to see if your area is within TIME’s coverage. Do note that if you’re eyeing the 500Mbps or 1Gbps, the Free Mesh Wi-Fi node is a limited time offer, and terms and conditions apply.


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