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Man in Johor become a victim of Ah Long despite his neighbour taking the loan

Source: Facebook

It’s never a good idea to borrow money from Ah Longs, or loan sharks, as they charged an exorbitant interest on their debt and do terrible things towards the people can’t afford to settle them.

Recently, a netizen had taken to Facebook to share how he and his family have been threatened by an Ah Long even though he did not take a loan from them. He also explained that the Ah Longs were searching for his neighbour who took a loan from them.

According to Azhar, the incident happened at about 12 midnight when he heard the screams of a neighbour in front of his house. He then went outside to see what had happened and noticed 2 boys on a motorbike leaving after throwing a bottle of red paint at his car.

“My house number is 288, but according to a note, the debtor’s house is 286, which has been empty and unoccupied for almost half a year,” he shared.

Azhar decided to contact the Ah Long, whose number was left on the note, to demand for a compensation. However, it did not go well and the loan shark insisted he track down the debtor to pay off their dues.

Source: Facebook

After the incident, Azhar lodged a police report and he hopes that the general public will be more vigilant. He also asked for the people to pray for him so that he would stay safe after being harassed by the Ah Long.

It was unfortunate for Azhar as he is a victim of loan sharks. On the other hand, netizens also pointed out that people often fall into a cycle of debt if they took out high-interest loans with Ah Longs.

Source: Facebook

This debt trap is the recipe for further financial trauma for the borrowers.

However, there are reasons as to why people keep turning to Ah Longs. Sometimes, borrowers struggle to get a low-interest bank loan without a credit history and are absolute in need of money.

Nonetheless, we hope Azhar and his family will be free from this nuisance.

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