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Malaysian businessman sues London casino after losing RM21.9 million, claims it did not stop him from his losing streak

A Malaysian businessman, Lim Han Joeh, has filed a counter-suit against a London casino for £3.9 million (≈RM21.9 million) after he lost in a card game in 2015.

In his suit, Lim claims that the casino, Aspinalls did not fulfil its legal duty under the UK Gambling Act 2005 to stop him from losing more in the gambling session which took place in 2015.

According to the court papers, Lim, who own properties in Malaysia and London, played double chance baccarat for 72 hours with “limited breaks” in between.

The Daily Mail reported that Lim, who has a net worth of £40 million (≈RM225 million) joined the casino as a private club member in 2014 and was allowed to cash cheques up to the value of £600,000 (≈RM 3.3 million)

After he lost that amount, the casino was said to have increased Lim’s credit to £1.9 million and then allowed him another £2 million in credit, which he lost all during his 72-hour session.

Aspinalls then sued Lim in court to reclaim the money he had lost but had not settled. The casino won the case. The High Court judge also ruled that Lim was in contempt of court for breaching four court orders, and fined him over £100,000 (≈RM560,000).

However, Lim filed a counter-suit claiming that any debts or loans should be null and void because Aspinalls breached its duty under the Gambling Act 2005, which states that “vulnerable people should be protected from being harmed or exploited by gambling”.

He argued that Aspinalls did not compel him to stop playing but instead increased his limit before a further line of credit, which he also lost. He also claimed that the casino took advantage of his “distressed attempts to claw back the losses by allowing further funds and more time to gamble”.

Aspinalls said it was ‘defending this matter and is seeking that the claim be struck out’. 

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