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This app can assist you to put an end to out-of-tune singing

When it comes to music, we’re not all equal. Some have a naturally beautiful voice while others can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

Start-up The Choral Hub wants to encourage all music lovers to sing along, and have fun doing it, with its new app. 

The Tchzant app is based on the premise that anyone can sing if they just practice a bit.

It offers a learning programme composed of several lessons that familiarise students with the basics of singing.

Music lovers follow short courses to learn how to control their breathing, develop their musical ear, modulate their voice and learn the lyrics of songs. 

The most diligent students can earn badges as rewards. They can reach different levels of expertise by completing challenges based on songs in Tchzant’s catalogue.

Most of these songs are in the public domain, but the start-up The Choral Hub is looking to develop partnerships with record companies to include newer songs in the app.

Tchzant is based on a freemium model, which mixes free content with subscriber-only content.

Playback enthusiasts will need to purchase a subscription if they want to buy specific songs to practice with or to take private lessons with a vocal coach.

The app will soon be available to music lovers living in the UK.

Start-up The Choral Hub also hopes to launch it in other countries, such as the United States and those in the European Union. 

The app is currently aimed at adults who want to sing more confidently or brush up on their skills before their next karaoke session.

It could also be used in schools to help build awareness of the importance of musical education.


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