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Roti canai maker reveals that this career can earn you a month salary of up to RM10,000 and is currently in high demand!

Source: Harian Metro

A Negeri Sembilan state exco has recently proposed an idea of a roti canai academy but it sparked a controversial debate among Malaysians. Some believed that Malaysia should be investing more into technology and propel our economy instead, while others believed the idea is actually great.

For Kamarul Rizal, the owner of Restoran Abang Terbang in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, he actually supported the proposal by the state exco. He also revealed that the state exco has approached him to teach the people to make roti canai in the upcoming short course that will be implemented in the state.

In an interview with Harian Metro, Kamarul said he believes that the existing social stigma towards the career has prompted people to not jump onto the bandwagon in making roti canai a full-time job.

Source: Harian Metro

“Little do people know, roti canai maker is in high demand right now. Some places will even offer you a salary of RM200 per day,” he said.

Kamarul also said that he managed to sell about 500 pieces of roti canai per day on weekdays and 700 pieces per day on weekends, through his marketing on social media.

Kamarul has been making roti canai since he was 14 years old when he was working as a part-timer in a restaurant. After working for 22 years, he finally managed to start his own roti canai restaurant.

He said he had worked in over 10 restaurants and attempted to open his restaurant 3 times, but it all ended without success. However, he was not discouraged by his failures and kept trying until he maintain his successful business, which has been running since August 2020.

“I was inspired by a roti canai maker who managed to expand his business to Brunei and earned up to RM10,000 a month. There are also others who expanded their career to Singapore and Australia.” he said.

In regards to the proposal by the state exco, he said some may find it hilarious, but they are not aware that a career in the roti canai making industry can help in the growth of the economy for those who are skilled.

Kamarul said he also teaches all his workers to be a roti canai maker, despite it’s not in their job description. This is because he wants his workers to at least have the skills in making roti canai, other than taking orders from the customers.

“People who are jobless or not interested in academics can try to learn the skills in making roti canai. The job is highly in demand now.”

The roti canai academy may not be a bad proposal at all, given the prospect it comes with.

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