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Elephant helps caretaker to do the dishes and gets rewarded with bananas

Many people consider their pet to be not only an animal, but also a family member.

Some of them are so ingrained in the fold that they even help their owner to do the chores. Here’s the story of an elephant who helped her caretaker do the dishes.

On 25th January 2022, a video of the elephant named “Dao Mongkon” became a hot topic on social media after the video was shared as a post by several media outlets, including Thai News.

The video was originally uploaded on the elephant’s YouTube channel, ช้างพลายดาว มงคล, the clip showed the elephant’s amazing ability to help her owner with the housework.

In the video, you can see Dao Mongkon helping her caretaker do the dishes by using her trunk to grab the dishes before soaking them in the water.

After finishing the chores, the caretaker rewarded the kind-hearted elephant with a banana and told her to have some fun with friends afterwards.

Instead of playing with her other baby elephant friends, however, Dao Mongkon strolled back to her mother and gave her mummy a big cuddle.

This also proves that the animal has the smarts and a big heart, and we would like to give her a standing ovation for not only her good attitude, but also her genius talents.


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