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Woman cuts into other driver’s lane to skip queue then scolds her for not using signal

A video of a woman scolding another driver for not using indicator lights even though the latter was driving straight.

Facebook user Audrey Gan took to her profile to share the incident that happened on Tuesday, 25 January, at the Pantai Dalam toll on the New Pantai Expressway (NPE).

“Karen cari pasal (finding fault) with me. I don’t know why she needed to stop and I don’t know why she asked me to signal on my own lane. Use big car but brain small (sic),” she stated.

In the dashcam recording, Gan was seen approaching the Pantai Dalam toll on a Touch ‘n Go lane when a black Toyota Hilux suddenly cuts in front of her from the left.

Caught by surprise, Gan slammed the breaks and honked at the driver.

In the 50-second clip, the Hilux then stopped in the middle of the road.

To Gan’s amazement, the driver came down with a phone in her hand, walked deliberately towards her car, and asked in an accusing tone, “Where is your signal?!”

Outraged, Gan answered that she was driving straight on her lane and it was her, the ‘Karen’, who suddenly came in from the left.

“Why do I need to signal when I’m driving straight? You never learn how to drive is it?!” Gan raised her voice at the woman, who kept asking why she did not signal.

The video ended with Gan exclaiming that the incident was making her late, even though the Hilux driver looked as though she wanted to keep arguing.

To add more context, Gan said the woman was definitely in the wrong because they were both on Touch ‘n Go lanes.

“People saying why I no give her (sic) enter my lane since she ‘wrong lane’, please look carefully. The lane beside me was also Touch ‘n Go,” she said in an update on the video’s caption.

“She wanted to enter my lane last minute because my line was shorter, she didn’t want to wait behind the cement lorry. Don’t justify stupid people’s actions, please.”

Meanwhile, Gan added, “I thought she wanted to come down to scold me for honking not letting her suddenly cut into my lane. But it took an unexpected turn.”

The video has garnered over 44,000 views and hundreds of comments, with netizens criticising and laughing at the errant driver for her nerve to confront Gan.


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