Monday, January 30, 2023

Singapore’s waste management worker is set to earn up to RM10k a month by 2028! Puts Malaysia to shame

NewsSingapore's waste management worker is set to earn up to RM10k a...

Malaysians generally do not have an interest in job opportunities from the 3D (dangerous, dirty, difficult) jobs because of the nature of the work and the low salaries offered.

With this, employers from these industries had sought to employ foreigners who are willing to work in these tough conditions with minimum pay.

On contrary, Singapore has recently come up with an initiative under their new Progressive Wage Model (PWM) that allows Singaporean garbage collectors to earn up to RM10,100 (S$3,260) a month by 2028!

Source: FMT

According to The Straits Times, the salary is double of what entry-level waste management currently earn.

“You will see about a 50% wage increase growth in the coming years. I think this is a good outcome between unions and employers,”

“But at the same time, we want to see the sector transform in a meaningful and sustainable way,” Singapore Senior Minister of State for Manpower, Zaqy Mohamad said.

With this, a total of 3,000 waste management workers can expected not only wage increments but also mandatory annual bonuses and career and skills progression. They will also get a stipulated minimum hourly overtime pay.

Meanwhile, Zaqy Mohamad said consumers need not worry about the increase in prices for consumers as not all business cost translates to higher prices for consumers.

This move from Singapore puts Malaysia to shame too as this policy from Singapore had not only managed to protect its worker’s welfare but to attract more people to look for job opportunities in the 3D sector.

Nonetheless, our Malaysian waste management workers deserve better too.

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