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Minister proposed a compensation for Umrah travellers who postponed their trip, sparked a debate among netizens

Source: FMT

Previously, the Health Ministry (KKM) had temporary suspended Umrah pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia due to the Covid-19 concerns. The sudden ban had also cause an outrage among Muslims who had booked their tickets for the visit.

After almost a month, the suspension will soon be lifted and Muslims will be able to resume their travel again, said the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs), Idris Ahmad in a video posted on his Facebook page.

According to him, Umrah travels will once again commence on 8 February, but that’s not the only thing he revealed.

He also shared that those who had rescheduled their Umrah trips will be given a token of compensation from the government.

“It just so happens that I was also entrusted by the cabinet, together with MOTAC, the finance ministry and Tabung Haji, to provide compensation to those who couldn’t go for their Umrah trips recently,”

“So, InsyaAllah, we will give a little consolation or compensation to those who couldn’t go,” he said.

Many netizens had praised the minister for the initiative.

Source: The Jarkata Post

However, a netizen slammed the minister for the controversial initiative. “YB, what is the government’s rationale for compensating Umrah pilgrims? It was suspended, not cancelled. Umrah is Sunnat worship (non-compulsory) and the timing is flexible.”

“Most of the time those who go are those who can afford to, while many other underprivileged Muslims including kids studying in local and foreign higher education institutes, flood victims, those who lost their income to Covid-19.” he said.

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