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Yes, penguins are Halal! Former Religious Affairs Minister’s reply shocked Malaysians

Social NewsYes, penguins are Halal! Former Religious Affairs Minister's reply shocked Malaysians

According to the rules in Islam, there are halal food (permissible to eat) and haram (prohibited to eat). Some animals such as pigs, or carnivores that hunt with their fangs (tiger, lions etc), birds that hunt with their talons (eagles, hawk etc), and amphibians (frogs) are considered haram for Muslims.

Recently, a Twitter user had brought up a rather peculiar question which was then replied to by the former Religious Affairs Minister, Datuk Dr Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri. The netizen asked “What’s the Islamic rule of eating penguin meat?”

The reply from the former minister shocked Malaysians, but they were all amused by his response.

“Cute and halal. However, some of its species like the Emperor’s Penguin are endangered. Hence, we should all protect them.” Zulkifli replied.

This is probably just some Q&A content to educate the public about Islamic info.

Meanwhile, netizens were amused by the words used by Zulfikli and expressed their delight in the comments section.

“The comel and halal took me out.” a netizen claimed.

Some jokingly said that there should be a recipe for this and tips on how to slaughter the penguins correctly as they don’t seem to have necks.

On the other hand, MYDIN Malaysia happened to stumble upon the tweet and they decided to step into the craze and released an early disclaimer stating that they do not sell any penguin meat in store.

Nonetheless, Zulkifli actually said that penguins are halal despite a lot of people pointing out that they thought creatures that can live in both water and land environments can’t be eaten by Muslims.

Zulkifli’s short answer to this was penguins are a species of seabirds. Hence, all species of seabirds, except storks are halal to eat according to the madhhab of Syafi’i.

However, despite it being halal doesn’t mean that it should be eaten like regular poultry or meat. Especially if the animal is endangered, we should be protecting the species from getting extinct.

This just serves as info for the penguin’s halal status.

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