Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Watch: Popular steak house in KL caught preparing food in a dirty manner

Social NewsWatch: Popular steak house in KL caught preparing food in a dirty...

A popular steak house in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, HR Steak House has recently come under fire after a netizen accused it of preparing food in a dirty manner.

The netizen shared 4 videos on TikTok of the kitchen of the restaurant to show the public how their food was being prepared. From pouring water straight from a pail into a wok to cooked chickens being laid straight on kitchen tops and stoves with no plates nor coverings.

The clips also showed someone mashing potatoes in a basin on the ground using a glass bottle, and washing dirty plates using stagnant murky water.

The video went viral on social media with other netizens sharing their experiences with the steak house. They highlighted the cleanliness issue with the restaurant and had seen cockroaches and huge rats scattering across the kitchen.

A netizen even tagged the Malaysia food blogger Ceddy Ang and requested him to review the place. Ceddy wittily replied, “The number that you have dialed is not in service.”

On the other hand, many have urged the Health Ministry to pay a visit to said restaurant.

However, the original videos were soon deleted by the owner and she later posted an explanation video regarding the hot oil situation.

“I would like to clarify and apologise regarding the video I uploaded. I’ve poured the water into the oil because it was time to change the oil. That was right before changing the oil. Please don’t misunderstand. There’s no way we’d reuse that oil for cooking.”

Despite the apology and explanation, netizens continue to bash the restaurant for their practice when preparing food for customer.

A Twitter user who reposted the video captioned it with, “How daft can you be? He highlighted the water poured into the oil video! Does he think putting chicken chops on top of stoves isn’t wrong? You even mashed the potatoes using bottles!”

Have you been to this local steak house? Share your experience with us!

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