Tuesday, February 7, 2023

M’sian reveals a beggar in Seremban who collects up to RM2,300 in donations a day!

NewsM'sian reveals a beggar in Seremban who collects up to RM2,300 in...

Never look down at beggars on the streets, they could be making more money than an average salary earner in Malaysia!

Recently, a netizen, Muhamad Reza Khalili Khalil had taken to Facebook to reveal a foreigner, who disguised as a beggar in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, had been collecting donations of up to RM2,300 a day!

“Beggars are rich, they earn even more than ministers!” he wrote in a Facebook post, adding that she had been disguising as being a Muslim.


The netizen also asked for her daily income record book and found that she had been making bucks in both 2021 and 2022. He then commended Malaysians for being generous.

In a photo shared by the netizen, the beggar appeared to have collected RM2,050 on 18 April and RM2,100 on 25 April last year.

Source: Facebook

There were a mixed reaction from netizens with some saying that Malaysians are generally very generous, while the others said we should be more selective and careful of who we are donating to.

“Malaysians, regardless of race, Melayu, Chinese or India. All of us are generous when it comes to donation.” a netizen said.

“Donate only to those who are eligible. If they can collect up to RM2,000 a day, they are not poor and do not need help. Make your own assessment.” another netizen urged.

Meanwhile, some netizens pointed out that what the beggar was recording on her books could possibly mean her balances at the end of that day, instead of the donation she collected.

Nonetheless, no reports had been lodged, nor investigation being conducted. Hence, it is not clear whether the beggar actually makes that much a day.

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