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Touch ‘n Go will soon lose its monopoly on highways, says Works Minister

NewsTouch ‘n Go will soon lose its monopoly on highways, says Works...

Touch ‘N Go (TnG) will soon lose its current monopoly on the usage of toll payments as the government allows the public to pay highway tolls using other digital payment provider, said Works Minister Fadillah Yusof.

This announcement was made in light of the recent hiccup as PLUS replaces SmartTag lanes with Touch ‘N Go’s RFID lanes. Commuters had called for the government to provide alternative payment options to avoid traffic issues in the future.

In addition, Fadillah had also instructed highway concessionaires to prepare for the implementation of a multi-lane free-flow (MLFF) system by 2025.

Source: Green Packet

The MLFF is a barrier-free tolling system, without toll booths and no dedicated lanes, similar to the toll system in Singapore. The system uses a gantry structure equipped with automated number plate recognition (ANPR) at specific locations to charge the toll fee.

Meanwhile, he said the new changes and introduction of other digital payment options will also depend on the rate of adoption of RFID tags within the population.

“Soon, it will be up to the public to use any digital mode of payment – whether you want to use Touch ‘n Go eWallet, debit or credit card, or Visa or Mastercard or any kind of electronic payment system as long as there’s a link available on a particular highway,” he said, adding that only one RFID tag would be required for the purpose.

Most highways in the country are currently limited to 3 payment options – TNG, SmartTAG, and RFID. However, PLUS is making a move towards an open payment platform for RFID as this will allow users to make direct payments using credit or debit cards, effectively eliminating the need of maintaining a Touch ‘n Go eWallet to use RFID.

However, this works perfectly if you have only one dedicated vehicle you drive regularly. If you swap, rent, or borrow cars not linked to your account, then it may still be best to rely on a simple Touch ‘N Go card.

Despite the chaos we face today, Malaysia’s highway tolls are finally making a move forward and we may soon have a better system to manage our toll payments.

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