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Sabah minister tells job seekers not to be picky

NewsSabah minister tells job seekers not to be picky

Sabah Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Yakub Khan has urged job seekers in Sabah not to be picky when choosing a job and grab whatever opportunity that is available.

He said this is due to the insufficient desired job opportunities in the state available to them based on their qualifications as compared to the peninsula.

“It is clear that the peninsula offers more job opportunities. That is why I ask for our jobseekers here not to be choosy,” Yakub said this at a press conference after launching the Sandakan’s Perdana Career Carnival in the Sandakan Community Hall, reported The Vibes.

Earlier in his speech, Yakub urged jobseekers in Sabah to open up to working in the peninsula.

“I am sure that the employers at the Perdana Career Carnival will provide accommodation and transportation needed for you to work,” he said.

Meanwhile, Yakub said despite Sabah is offering fewer job opportunities, its agriculture industry offers a lot of opportunities, but the locals have a mindset that these jobs are “dirty” and tough.

“Sabah actually has a lot of job opportunities in the agriculture sector. Don’t think that all jobs in the estates are ‘disgusting’, we must think that these jobs will generate income for us.”

“The people, especially the youths must change their mentality. Don’t seek jobs that are only related to their degree courses. Don’t wait. Just take whatever opportunity that comes.” Yakub said.

He then called on job seekers, especially graduates, to seize and be grateful for the jobs available as a way to survive, especially in a situation where the country is still facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

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