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Negeri Sembilan Exco’s idea of Roti Canai Academy receives huge criticisms from Malaysians

Social NewsNegeri Sembilan Exco's idea of Roti Canai Academy receives huge criticisms from...

The Negeri Sembilan state exco had received huge criticisms for his proposal to establish a first-of-its-kind roti canai academy in Malaysia.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Negeri Sembilan Youth and Sports Committee chairman, Mohamad Taufek Abd Ghani said the academy will be first in Malaysia and will help youths master the skills needed to make roti canai.

The Amanah man appeared to be trying hard to convince the public of his idea.


He said an initial discussion session involving all the relevant parties was held in Negeri Sembilan recently and the preliminary plan was a special syllabus to be formulated and included among the short-term courses on offer at Kumpulan Akademi Yayasan Negeri Sembilan to the youth.

Taufek also expressed his hopes for the idea to become a reality in the next two months.

“Based on my observation, a career in the making of roti canai promises a lucrative return. The salary as a roti canai maker is also not bad.” he claimed.

Source: Facebook

However, netizens were less enthusiastic about Taufek’s idea and labelled it as a disgrace.

“Do we really need “Akademi Tebar Roti Canai”?” a netizen asked.

“What we need isn’t a “Roti Canai Academy”. What we really need is a proper university for Malaysian culinary arts. An institute that fully commits to documentation, certification, R&D.” another netizen said.

“I get why we are frustrated with how our neighbours seem to be moving forwards (to our detriment), but we shouldn’t belittle our local cuisine and efforts to improve skills.” another netizen commented.

On the other hand, some seem to support the idea and believed that we should change our perception that making roti canai is a lowly job.

They also praised the state exco for exploring ideas that are creative and unusual.

What do you think about this Roti Canai Academy? Share your thoughts!

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