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RoS abruptly rejects political party SAINS’s application without giving a valid reason

After 7 long months of waiting, Parti Aspirasi Sains Malaysia (SAINS) has been informed by the Registrar of Societies (RoS) of them rejecting its application to formally register as a political party in Malaysia.

Its party secretary-general Afiq Harraz said they received an official email of the rejection from RoS two days ago, but RoS did not give a valid reason for their rejection.

“SAINS, in no uncertain terms, strongly denounces RoS’s decision to reject our application without providing any valid reason.

“SAINS will file an appeal with RoS against this decision and we hope that the decision on the appeal would be made and informed to us as soon as possible,” said Afiq in a statement.

Meanwhile, he said the party’s central executive body will pursue legal action if its appeal to register as a political group is rejected again, and cited Article 10(1)(c) of the Federal Constitution on the right to freedom of association.

In June 2021, SAINS had lodged its registration with the RoS as they aimed to provide a platform for people to focus on evidence-based policies backed by science and reason, not what colour your skin is, or where your ancestors worship.

Ironically, SAINS was initially a creation on Twitter as a satirical counterpoint to Islamist party PAS in 2021, but got serious when it decided to register as a political party.

In an interview with Malay Mail, its pro-tem president and founder Kenneth Chai said the idea for Parti Aspirasi Sains Malaysia came as a parody, as they share the same initials with PAS, Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (or the Malaysian Islamic Party).

“So I was trolling as a PAS member (being sarcastic) in the beginning, commenting on their political decisions and actions. Then one PAS member DM-ed me to stop using their party name, so I just said alright, I’ll start my own party,”

“My Twitter followers know I always post, criticise and argue about science as I’m a STEM teacher. So I started a parody, Parti Ajaran Sains, to troll them,” he said.


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