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Owl with 1 eye big, 1 eye small, sitting mindlessly on the ground

An owl, with a relatable facial expression, was found sitting on the ground mindlessly.

video of the owl was shared on Facebook on Jan. 23.

Technically, the owls eyes are the same size, just that the left pupil is more dilated than the right.

The owl appeared unresponsive when the camera panned up close to it. It remained on the ground.

Responses by commenters to the video were mainly jovial and laughed at how relatable the owl looked with its dishevelled look.

Other responses said it looked fake like a damaged doll. However, pupils that are unevenly dilated is an indicator of brain damage.

The inability for the pupil to constrict is a sign the brain is not responding to light and visual stimuli.

Dilated pupils are frequently seen in concussion victims.

Constricted pupils in daylight is the norm, as the external environment is bright.

The owl could have been hurt after it flew into the building or window, or fell from a height.

The video ended without mentioning if the owl was brought for treatment.


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