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God of Wealth statue to prosper neighborhood

A house in the Kranji suburb in Singapore has gone viral after its owners put up a massive golden Cai Shen (also known as the Chinese God of Wealth) statue on its balcony sometime in the last week.

The giant statue was lifted up onto the second storey of the home via crane, and positioned to overlook the surrounding neighborhood and perhaps bring some much needed luck to all nearby during the new year celebrations.

While it seems as though the statue’s placement looks precarious, the owner mentioned that the giant effigy – despite looking incredibly weighty from photos and videos – was only made of polyfoam, which means it’s considerably light in addition to also being durable and moisture-resistant.

Apparently, the owners (who happen to deal in the creation of outdoor decorations) had spent two whole months working on the statue, and had made it just in time to usher in the Lunar New Year.

Below the balcony where the statue sits, the owners also managed to put up a display containing Chinese characters that say “Welcome in blessings during the springtime”, with giant mandarin oranges and a larger-than-life butterfly adorning them.

You can watch the statue being hoisted up onto the balcony in the video.

Now that’s one way to make a business statement and earn “favor” among your neighbors in the modern age!


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