Thursday, February 2, 2023

Maybank’s MAE app now provides food delivery service that supports local merchants!

Tech & GamesMaybank’s MAE app now provides food delivery service that supports local merchants!

Food delivery apps are becoming a modern necessity these days and they had shown their true value during the pandemic, working as a lifesaver for people who are under quarantine.

However, some food delivery platforms take as much as 35% from each order from vendors and this can be taxing on them, given the increase in food prices and slowing down sales.

In an effort to support local small businesses, Maybank is venturing into the food delivery market by creating Sama-Sama lokal, which is an online marketplace that provides small businesses with an easy to use the platform to sell online and deliver their food to a large captive audience.

What’s best about this platform is it offers no additional cost in terms of commissions to local small businesses, unlike other food delivery platforms!

Through its digital banking service, Maybank offers you the same user experience as you would on any other food delivery platform. There’s even a self-pickup option and you can order groceries as well, all in the convenience of one easy to use the app.

To date, the platform has close to 14,000 merchants and it includes home-based food businesses, the ‘gerai burger tepi jalan’ as well as your regular char kuey teow hawker which you normally won’t find on other platforms. When you are ordering food from the MAE app, you are helping the community of small businesses in your area!

Meanwhile, Maybank is setting itself a policy of not charging any commission or charges. This allowed vendors to keep 100% of their earnings, and at the same time, users get to save on food delivery charges.

Here’s why you should order food from MAE app

As Maybank is promoting its new service, it is now offering 40% or up to RM8 off your order when you use the promo code FOODONMAE with a minimum spend of RM15. The promo code can be used twice.

In a nutshell, here’s why you should order your food using the MAE app:

  1. MAE charges 0% commission, meaning merchants keep 100% of earnings
  2. MAE has about 14,000 merchants with a huge variety of food vendors to choose from including home-based sellers, roadside sellers, hawkers and more
  3. MAE is offering 40% off + up to RM10 delivery fee promo

So if you craving some local delights or some home-cooked food, give the MAE app a try. You might just find your new favourite dish here!

Download the MAE app for Android here and iOS here.

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