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Villagers in Kelantan uses bundle clothes to patch up pothole on road

Source: Facebook

Being Malaysian, we are all familiar with the number of potholes on our roads and it is almost impossible to get the local authorities to fix them promptly.

As people are getting frustrated with the unrepaired potholes, some came up with their own initiative to fill in them by using the standard tools, while others tend to get a bit more creative.

Recently, the Kelantan State Facebook page had shared some images of how Malaysians have used clothes to fill potholes in Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

They wrote in the caption “These are pictures of the roads in my village. It’s terrible. Bundle clothes are used to cover the potholes on the road.”

The page also shared that the road in the picture is located at Jalan Bukit Perah, in the direction of the Batu Karang intersection.

Source: Facebook

“The Pasir Mas district area, under ADUN Bukit Tuku, Rantau Panjang.” they added.

The saddest part about the post was that the residents themselves have to patch up the road themselves using bundle clothing or used clothing. 

Most netizens expressed their grievances after they see the poor condition of the road and wanted the local authorities (PBT) and elected representatives in the area to act immediately and do something to improve the condition of the road that could be dangerous for the locals within the area. 

“This is a sign that elections are still far away.” a netizen said.

“Only when you call TV3 will the government fix the roads.” another claimed.

Nonetheless, it is still a creative and great move by the residents of using bundle clothes as pothole fillers.

Should we wait until another minister falls into a pothole before the authorities fix them? Share your thoughts!

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