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#TangkapAzamBaki continues despite authorities attempt to clamp down the movement

Despite much of the roads in Kuala Lumpur being blocked off as the authorities attempt to clamp down the #TangkapAzamBaki rally, it is still happening with the organisers making a quick reroute to the Bangsar LRT Station.

The rally demands action against the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Chief Commissioner Tan Sri Azam Baki for his stock trading scandal that has recently emerged.

It was reported that about 200 protestors joined the march, as they headed out from the LRT station, and walked along Jalan Bangsar towards Jalan Travers, presumably on their way to Dataran Merdeka.

The group began chanted “Hidup Rakyat! Tangkap Azam Baki!” as soon as they reached the Bangsar LRT station. The group had raised a large banner that read “Tangkap Azam Baki” too. 

Several other protestors can be seen carrying placards stating “Lawan” and “Lawan Korupsi”.

At about 11.19 a.m., the protestors started to march along Jalan Bangsar heading towards Dataran Merdeka until they are stopped by police. The march is not heading towards a specific destination.

The organising committee then negotiated with the authorities and the policed have asked them to remain within the vicinity of Brickfields. However, they have asked police to allow them to march to the National Mosque.

After further engagements between the police and rally organisers, the march progresses along with Jalan Travers, but riot police have formed a line at the edge of Jalan Travers, preventing protestors from proceeding further towards the direction of the National Mosque.

Following this, participants are asked to sit down as a sign of protest for 15 minutes before they turn back towards Jalan Bangsar and Bangsar LRT station.

Right before the crowd dispersed, a man dressed in a mock MACC uniform appeared in the middle of the crowd and protestors booed at him. Following this, the man in the mock uniform is symbolically “detained” by the crowd.

At 12.15 p.m., the lead marshal issues repeated reminders to the crowd that they have exceeded the agreed dispersal time of 12.15 p.m.

The protestors then dispersed after they sang the national anthem.

Jalan Bangsar is now cleared and police are expected to reopen the route shortly. It appears that there aren’t any untoward incidents that took place during the protest.


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