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Man receives refund from GrabFood after vendor prepares food not according to his special instructions

Source: Facebook

Have you encountered a situation where the food operator ignores your special instructions and sends you things that are completely opposite of what you requested?

Recently, a netizen shared an unfortunate story of his colleague, who was heartbroken after the food arrived does not meet his expectations. His colleague then reached out to GrabFood to complain about the matter.

In the screenshots of the conversation, the man had made a number of special requests for his laksa, which includes no vegetables, sambal separate, no peanut, no anchovies, mee only, no beansprout, and with cutleries.

Source: Facebook

However, what came to his table was a bowl of laksa garnished with beansprouts and some other ingredients.

To amend his bruised expectations, he decided to reach out to GrabFood Help Centre and sent them a photo of the laksa and his special instructions. He even throws in a “tear-streaming-down-my-face” photo to express his heartfelt disappointment.

Source: Facebook

Nonetheless, it is quite evident how big the impact of having beansprouts in his laksa has affected this poor man.

It was a happy ending for the poor man with GrabFood generously giving him a full refund. The man appeared to be overjoyed with it too.

While the situation may seem funny to some, some netizens had in the comment section pointed out that it can actually be a serious issue, as some customers may have allergies and they may suffer from an allergy attack for eating something they should not.

Some were of the opinion that the man was just self-centred, especially if he does not have any allergies and is just a picky eater. This is mainly due to the refund will be borne entirely by the vendor, despite them making only a small mistake.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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