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Parents in Kelantan abandoned 13YO daughter after she got pregnant from being raped by 16YO brother

Social NewsParents in Kelantan abandoned 13YO daughter after she got pregnant from being...

A Twitter user @chairman_GLC had recently shared a tragic story from a doctor in Kelantan about a teenage girl who was abandoned by her family for some absurd reason and it sparked outrage among Malaysians.

According to the doctor who was in charge of the teenage girl’s case, she was raped by her 16-year-old brother and is not 28 weeks pregnant.

However, instead of providing her with guidance and support, her parents decided to find her foster parents and sent her away to live with them, whom she barely knows.

In addition, the pregnant teenager wasn’t allowed to contact her family either physically or virtually too. Her parents had never once visited her, nor allowed her to return home after the child she bears is born.

It is believed that this was all done to protect the brother’s image.

The Twitter user also revealed that the parents had initially lodged a police report, but retracted it at the very last minute to protect their son. The son has since been sent to a religious school while the pregnant teen hasn’t seen her family since November 2021, which adds more to the emotional heaviness that the teen is forced to deal with on her own.

Meanwhile, it appears that the Department of Social Welfare Malaysia (JKM) was alerted on this matter and they are now taking over the issue. Meanwhile, netizens had expressed their stances regarding this absurd case.

“Parents, please educate yourself on this taboo topic for the sake of our children, especially daughters. Teach them sexual knowledge so they can protect themselves whenever they can’t. Letting the son free is a crime, but abandoning the daughter is evil!” a netizen said.

“What if the son rapes another woman? He should be sent to the jail.” another said.

“You should have educated your son. Stupid parents. You care more about your feelings than your daughter’s. Stupid.” another netizen said.

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