Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Group Turns Abandoned Phone Booths In Penang Into Colourful Library Cubicles

Social NewsGroup Turns Abandoned Phone Booths In Penang Into Colourful Library Cubicles

We should implement this initiative across the nation and turn our city more lively!

Recently, the Penggerak Komuniti Muda (PEKA) has taken to Facebook to share the results of their creativity in transforming old phone booths along Beach Street in George Town, Penang into public mini-libraries!

After their magical touch, these old phone booths turned into colourful and eye-catching ones, at the same time, lightening the town’s atmosphere.

Source: Facebook

The upgrades and refurbishment was an initiative by PEKA with Penang Island City Council (MBPP) to encourage the culture of reading among the Malaysian public.

Meanwhile, PEKA said visitors will be able to find reading materials such as books, Penang Monthly publications and Buletin Mutiara newspapers in the booths.

Source: Facebook

PEKA also encouraged the public to donate books for others to read too. Visitors are allowed to borrow the books, but they are also reminded to return them once they are done reading.

In addition to the books, charging points and built-in lighting are installed in the booths for the convenience of readers and for night readers.

While there are some concerns that the reading materials will be damaged by rain, the bookcases are installed with polycarbonate sliding door and this will keep the reading materials dry and protected from the elements.

The public is also encouraged to donate books for the benefit of all too!

With such a convenient facility prepared for the public, let’s all make sure that it will be an enjoyable reading experience for everyone.

We hope to see more beautiful and useful public projects going around in cities across the nation!

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