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Netizen demands for investigation after only rice and gravy served under RMT programme

Social NewsNetizen demands for investigation after only rice and gravy served under RMT...

The Rancangan Makanan Tambahan (RMT) programme or supplementary food programme for school children is introduced to provide children with nutritious breakfast so they can be more receptive to learning when their tummies are full.

Recently, a netizen had taken to Facebook to call out to the authorities for serving students only rice and gravy under the RMT programme, while sharing a picture of the food served.

“Truly sadistic. What sort of food is given to the children at the school? Is the allocation for the RMT programme so small for the canteen operator to the extent that they give this kind of food to the children?”


“Before this, the children complained that the food provided under the programme was not tasty, but we told them to be grateful because there was still food.” the netizen wrote in the Facebook post.

She then said she had never expected the food to be that bad and asked who are they feed this with? The chickens?

She also called for an investigation into the matter and said that the canteen operators could possibly not be at fault if the budget given to them is small. She also suggested the ministry to allocate more budget for the operators so they can prepare more nutritious food.


Meanwhile, the Education Minister Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin has responded to the viral post and said the ministry will conduct an investigation on the matter and they will not compromise on anything involving student welfare.

“Last night, I was informed of a viral Facebook post with a picture of white rice and gravy which was claimed to be food to students under the RMT,” he said.

“I take the allegations seriously and have directed that further investigations be made, including identifying the schools involved,” Dr Radzi said in a Facebook post on Thursday (20 January).

The RMT was first implemented in 1979 to provide daily meals for poor students in schools.

It was then improved in 2020 and has meals from over 20 menus prepared by school canteens, based on recommendations from the Health Ministry.

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