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Suria KLCC repaints decorative pagoda from green to yellow

Much to the credit of Suria KLCC, they listened to advice and made changes to make customers feel welcomed and appreciated.

Suria KLCC has repainted a Chinese New Year decorative structure outside the mall which had drawn flak for resembling prayer paraphernalia that is burnt as part of the Qingming festival.

Now the roof of the decorative pagoda had been painted yellow from its original green colour yesterday, following criticisms from netizens recently.

Checks by the Chinese daily last night found workers removing the red lanterns adorning the structure before they repainted the roof of the pagoda.

The decorative pagoda-like structure erected outside the mall may have stood tall but it was deemed a major faux pas by social media users for being “Qingming-like”.

They chided the mall for not having consulted members of the Chinese community before setting it up.

Qingming refers to the “tomb-sweeping day” or Cheng Beng observed by ethnic Chinese here.

Others questioned the mall’s marketing budget and described the decoration as a “definite fail”, urging the mall to pay greater respect to Chinese culture.

In 2020, Suria KLCC also put up a pagoda to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The original design sported a golden roof with red walls.

In fact, the feat was recognized in the Malaysia Book of Records 2020 as Malaysia’s tallest pagoda structure.

For that, Suria KLCC had every reason to reuse the same idea.

However, they would not have imagined a slight change in design and the choice of color would create such a hoo-ha.

Critics pointed out that it looked too much like joss paper effigies which are common during the Ching Ming Festival.

Others pointed out that it could a typical case of expectations being different from reality.


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