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PLUS Responds To RFID Detection Issue With More Ground Teams And Testing

NewsPLUS Responds To RFID Detection Issue With More Ground Teams And Testing

On Monday (17 January), videos and images showing a massive congestion allegedly caused by the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) at several toll road had surfaced online.

According to the complaints made on social media, many claimed that vehicles had to back their cars out of tolls because the system failed to detect the stickers affixed to their cars, which then cause the massive congestion on the expressways.

Naturally, people were furious as this had caused them to be late for work and had slammed the toll concessionaires for the system failures.

In response to the matter, the Minister of Works, Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof has instructed PLUS Malaysia Bhd to seek an immediate solution for the issues revolving around RFID.

Fadilah also assured that the Ministry of Works (KKR) will be monitoring the situation and taking the complaints seriously so that the matter will not further escalate in the future.

Meanwhile, PLUS has responded to the complaints and assured the people that actions have been taken to improve the RFID usage.

“We will deploy more PLUS personnel to be on the ground and scan the RFID tags on the vehicles with a handheld device if any users encounter any detection issues.”

PLUS also said that if the tag remained undetectable, a coupon for a full detection diagnostic at the nearest TnG fitment centre will be provided. If detection issues persist after the test, TnG will replace RFID tags for free.

PLUS also welcomes feedbacks from the public and they can contact 1800-88-0000 to reach the PLUSLine. For more information on RFID, simply visit the Touch N Go portal or download the RFID e-book here.

Have you started using RFID? Let us know if you have encounter any difficulties when using this new system.

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