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M’sian Complains About How It Took Him 1 Hour To Call LHDN And Not Getting A Response

The only word that perfectly describes our public service is “slow”, given the bureaucracy involved. Malaysians had been calling for a reform to improve its efficiency, but it remained the same.

Recently, Malaysians took to social media to complain about taking a lifetime to get in touch with the civil service. It started with a frustrated netizen sharing his personal experience of spending a very long time trying to make a phone call to the Shah Alam Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) branch.

According to Twitter user @shahrizan_k, he made a call on 12 January to the LHDN officers. He also shared a picture of a smartphone with a timestamp that shows he’s been on a call with LHDN Shah Alam for about 30 minutes and he still can’t reach them.

“I’ve ordered food, ate and finished eating, still ringing,” he wrote.

On 13 January, he made another tweet saying that he has been calling the office for over an hour but still didn’t get a response on the other line.

On the same day, LHDN’s official Twitter account responded to his complaint and they apologized for the inconvenience, while asking him to contact them online.

The netizen had on the next day provided an update regarding the issue and revealed that he had finally managed to get the issue sorted out “quickly”.

Meanwhile, other netizens were quick to agree that similar incidents had occurred all these while, and it’s not only with LHDN, but other public service departments too.

One netizen shared their version of the story with government offices like the Land Office for providing similar dissatisfactory service.

On the other hand, some netizens suggested emailing LHDN and addressing the correspondence directly to the agency’s higher-ups or even government ministers, or even getting hold of a direct extension number to LHDN personnel to expedite things.

Do you have similar experiences when dealing with the public sector? Share your story!


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