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Massive Crowd Spotted In Perak Beach Sparks Concern Over SOP Compliance

It’s been some time since the government relaxed the SOPs and it appears that the people are starting to forget that the SOPs are still in place.

While we managed to keep the Covid-19 situation in the country under control, it is not a reason for us to ignore the SOPs and do things at our wishes. This also means that we should avoid crowds or large gatherings.

In a video shared recently by the Kerian InfoZone Channel Facebook page, it showed a traffic jam at the Ban Pecah beach in Perak, indicating massive crowds of people visiting the beach.

Source: Libur

The admin of the Facebook page wrote, “Ban Pecah beach was flooded with visitors this afternoon (16 January). People could be seen bringing their families for some recreational time at the beach.”

“In times of happiness, let’s still not forget to adhere to SOPs.” they added.

In the video, cars can be seen stuck in a bumper to bumper traffic jam due to vehicles parked by the roadside and the massive amount of people heading to the beach.

In addition, some motorcyclists can be seen riding against the traffic, and more, without their face mask on.

In the comment section, netizens said they were fortunate for not going to the beach during the weekends. Some said the SOPs were as if they were non-existence here.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry has in recent weeks warned of the Omicron-variant being in our communities and we may see another massive outbreak, depending on how well we practice the SOPs.

Having said that, we should all do our part and avoid going to huge gatherings or even avoid crowded places.


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