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Mum uses son as human shield from water splashed by sea lion in an animal show

A day out at the zoo is never complete without catching an animal show.

While the creatures tend to take centre stage, this performance had a different main character. 

At a recent Splash Safari Show, a woman sitting in the first row wanted to keep dry so she held her son in front of her and used him as a ‘shield’ when sea lions splashed water on them.

Her efforts were in vain as both mother and child were drenched. 

The incident was recorded by a fellow audience member who posted the video on TikTok last Sunday (Jan 16).

While the sea lion’s trick was meant to entertain the audience, many were more intrigued by the pair’s reaction.

It appeared that they weren’t aware that the audience would get a big, wet goodbye wave from a sea lion in the show. 

Netizens who watched the clip cracked jokes about what they saw.

Some likened the boy to a “pricey umbrella” while others pointed out how the pair was grabbing everyone’s attention.


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