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“More Stress, Less Sex” M’sian Condom Giant Says Sales Went Limping During Pandemic

News"More Stress, Less Sex" M'sian Condom Giant Says Sales Went Limping During...

Countries worldwide had entered into a series of lockdowns since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in 2020. While many expect that the globe will run short on condom supply as couples have more sexy time together, the latest results showed that it is just the opposite.

According to the Malaysia-based Karex, the world’s largest condom manufacturer, global condom sales actually had a hard time staying up during the pandemic.

It came as a surprise and condom sales dipped above 40% over the last 2 years, Karex CEO Goh Miah Kiat said.

Karex produces a staggering 5.5 billion condoms each year and it is affiliated with several big names in the contraceptive industry, including Durex and Malaysia’s very own ONE Condoms.

The company also produces its own brand of contraceptives and accounts for one in every five condoms distributed globally.

In March 2020, Goh confidently predicted that there would be a global condom shortage when the world first went under lockdown, citing pandemic-induced factory shutdowns. However, it wasn’t the case for the entire contraceptives manufacturing industry at-large.

Nonetheless, the contraceptive manufacturing industry is not the only victim of the pandemic as other sectors in the global economy weren’t hitting their sales targets over the last 2 years.

Speaking to Nikkei Asia, Goh said there was a direct correlation between closures of hotels and the sale of condoms. It makes sense, since people are more inclined to bone in privacy.

He also highlighted another factor that cause the steep slump in condom sales, which is the lack of sex work. Other than this, the pandemic also shut down major government initiatives involved with the distribution of free condoms to vulnerable communities.

“A large portion of condoms is distributed by governments around the world, which have reduced distribution significantly during COVID-19,”

“For instance, in the United Kingdom, the National Health Service shut down most non-essential clinics because of COVID, and sexual wellness clinics which hand out condoms were also closed.” Goh told said.

Despite that, Goh expects condom sales to steadily rise again given that the situation will improve as more and more COVID restrictions are lifted.

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