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JPJ implementing Driving License e-Testing starting April 2022

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has announced that it will be implementing automated driving license tests, or e-Testing, in driving institutions nationwide starting this April 2022.

The automated system aims at deterring briberies for passing and increasing the public’s trust in electronic testing.

According to JPJ Director-General Zailani Hashim, the process will involve officers observing students from a control room, which will reduce the number of officers needed to conduct the tests and free up manpower for enforcement.

Only the track portion of the driving test will shift towards e-Testing, while the theoretical and practical classes, as well as the road test, will remain the same.

Meanwhile, the system will be based on the current six-point physical driving test such as parking, driving uphill, and making a three-point U-turn, but will be done through simulations. Students will also be able to get their test results instantaneously instead of the previous two-week waiting period.

Currently there are currently 232 driving schools, all of which can apply for the e-Testing application through service providers. The automated driving license test system has been in the works since 2020 and was supposed to be implemented last year, although this did not come to fruition. 

MyEG is currently running trials of the system until February.


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