Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Shell Introduces 180kW Charging Network In Malaysia, Allows You To Charge Your EV From 0-80% In 30 minutes

Tech & GamesShell Introduces 180kW Charging Network In Malaysia, Allows You To Charge Your...

Shell has just announced its new High-Performance Charging (HPC) network and claims it to be Southeast Asia’s first cross-border 180kW charging network!

The network is set to launch in Singapore and Malaysia, and there will be a total of 6 Shell stations with 12 HPC stations along the North-South Expressway. This project is done in collaboration with Porsche with exclusive deals for Taycan buyers.

The petrol station is said to have a 180kW DC charger with two charging points, meaning you can charge up to one EV with the full 180kW or two at 90kW. It was reported to be able to charge a Porsche Taycan up to 80% in just 30 minutes!

Here’s the list of all the stations in Peninsular Malaysia planned to be part of the HPC network.

  1. SH Tangkak Lay-By (South Bound)
  2. SH Pagoh Rest Area (South Bound, Coming Soon)
  3. SH Seremban R&R North-South Expressway (South Bound, Coming Soon)
  4. SH Seremban R&R North-South Expressway (North Bound, Coming Soon)
  5. SH RTC Simpang Pulai (North Bound, Coming Soon)
  6. SH Tapah RSA North-South Expressway (North Bound, Coming Soon)
Source: Autobuzz

Naturally, these chargers do not come free and you will have to pay a confirmation charge and you get charged for every five minutes of use. You can opt for the ParkEasy app to pay too, which makes it much more convenient.

If you don’t have a membership, you need to pay a confirmation charge of RM4 and the rate would be RM20 every five minutes. With that, you’ll need to pay RM124 for 30 minutes of charging for that theoretical 80% charge.

Being a ‘Gold’ member gives you several benefits too. For example, the charging rate is down to RM12 every 5 minutes for the first 25 minutes and RM5 for every subsequent 5 minutes. This means you’ll need to pay RM64 for 25 minutes, which is much cheaper without a membership. Though the discount price applies for the first 10 charging hours per annum.

But there’s more to it, there are other benefits like 10% cashback for all charging stations at Shell Recharge AC stations, a free 1-hour reservation at the charging bay upon reservation confirmation, and RM1 pastries for every Costa Coffee purchase per charge.

All of these come at an annual membership fee of RM835.

If you are a proud owner of a Porsche Taycan, you’ll get a free three-year Platinum membership and you get an even more discounted rate for the first 12 charging hours per annum. Following this, it’s the same, RM4 confirmation charge with RM10 every five minutes for the first 25 minutes, and RM5 for every 5 minutes thereafter.

You get the same benefits as listed above as well as access to Shell Recharge devices in Singapore at exclusive rates, complimentary coffee, and Shell Select Antibacterial Wipes.

It can be rather expensive considering that there are free charging stations out there, but these fast HPC stations are definitely worth your money if you are looking to save some time from charging and start getting back on your trip.

Meanwhile, you’ll have to bear in mind that a lot of the current EVs can’t even accept 180kW of energy, so you will need wouldn’t be getting the most out of your money.

Nonetheless, this is one more step in expanding Malaysia’s EV network and is definitely something positive for all Malaysians.

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