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Health DG Noor Hisham Debunks Side Effects Of Vaccines, Says It’s Never A Bad Sign

Social NewsHealth DG Noor Hisham Debunks Side Effects Of Vaccines, Says It's Never...

If you are getting sick after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine or any other vaccines, it’s actually a good sign, according to Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah as he addresses the public apprehension in taking booster doses.

While explaining the side effects, Dr Noor Hisham shared a YouTube video titled Vaccine side effects are actually a good thing to educate the people why side effects happen after vaccination.

“Every vaccine can have side effects like muscle pain, fever, or headaches; and some of the new Covid-19 vaccines are even likelier to give you those side effects than you may be used to.”

“But the scientists who work most closely with vaccines emphasise that when a vaccination makes you feel sick, it’s almost never a bad sign. And once you understand why vaccine side effects happen, you may even be happy to get that headache,” he said in a Facebook post.

Vaccine hesitancy remained a major issue in Malaysia and many are still worried about post-Covid-19 vaccination symptoms.

As of 15 January, the CovidNow portal showed that only 37.6% of the adult population in Malaysia has received their booster dose to date, which is almost 9 million people.

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin also expects the numbers to grow more than 10 million by next week too.

In a recent survey conducted by BMC Public Health titled A survey on Covid-19 vaccine acceptance and concern among Malaysians, it is found that the highest hesitance seen among the oldest age group of 60 years and above (36.6%).

Source: ABC

“Among all races in Malaysia, a substantial proportion of Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy was seen among Kadazan (30.4%), Indian (27.9%), Dusun (26.1%), Orang Ulu (24.1%) and other indigenous and non-Malaysian groups (22.6%).

“The leading cause for hesitancy was fear of the side effects of the vaccine (95.8%), concerns about the safety (84.7%), lack of information (80.9%), and questions about the effectiveness of a new vaccine (63.6%),” said the survey.

Let us all do our duty to curb the spread of Covid-19, especially when you have the elderly and young ones staying with you.

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