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Langkawi Is Out Of Chocolates Since November 2021 And Tourists Are Disappointed!

NewsLangkawi Is Out Of Chocolates Since November 2021 And Tourists Are Disappointed!

If you are travelling to Langkawi, here’s some bad news for you. Shelves for the duty-free chocolates are reportedly running empty.

According to Kosmo, it has been like this since November last year.

Before that, duty-free business used to have shelves filled with imported chocolate from well-known brands, but there were now left empty, while other shop owners decided to replenish the shelves with other types of chocolate.

Source: Ceria Sihat

Among the imported chocolate brands that are in high demand are Daim and Hershey’s Kisses.

In an interview with Kosmo, tourists said that the lack of chocolates on the shelves has made their holidays a little less sweet.

Source: Kosmo

One of the tourists, Saludin Endol, from Kuala Lipis, Pahang said his holiday has become less than perfect when he found that the imported chocolate that his family wanted him to bring back was out of stock.

“Langkawi is synonymous with cheap imported chocolate, but some of the shops I go to are mostly out of supply. It feels like a holiday this time is not complete because we can’t buy imported chocolate to bring back.” he was quoted saying by Kosmo.

Another tourist said similar comments, adding that he will be going home empty handed this time.

According to the report, the shortage of supply of chocolates in the duty-free island is mainly due to supply problems from suppliers in Singapore.

“The supply of imported chocolate received is limited despite the high number of previous orders. The situation has caused a shortage of imported chocolate supply on the island,” a worker at the duty-free shop said.

Will this turn you down from travelling to Langkawi? Share your thoughts!

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