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Syed Saddiq Cries Foul Over Double Standards In SOPs To Help Flood Victims

Social NewsSyed Saddiq Cries Foul Over Double Standards In SOPs To Help Flood...

Previously, 6 Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (MUDA) volunteers were probed by the police for sending food to flood victims without going through the official channel.

After the flood condition improves vastly, MUDA president Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul planned to move in quickly to provide aid to the flood victims, but this time, he did as instructed and applied from the Johor state government.

He made his application on 12 January and the Johor state government came back to him a day later on 13 January with a “no”, while giving him “ominous” reasons.

In a tweet, he wrote “As the MP of Muar, my application to help the people in Muar was rejected! They said I have to provide the names of the receivers first.”

He then said that the assistance will be delayed if that’s the case and rhetorically questioned when will the flood victims get the help they need.

Meanwhile, Syed Saddiq has cried foul over alleged double standards on the standard operating procedures in flood relief assistance in his constituency.

In a live-streamed press conference, he said as the MP of Muar, he has been given mandate by the people in Muar to assist the flood victims given that the district is one of the worst affected by the flood.

That is also the reason why he wanted to deliver the assistance directly towards the victim, instead of just handing it out to any agencies. Unfortunately, his application for him and his volunteers to clean the houses of the flood victims as well as to send the necessary household items were being rejected.

“We just want to help the people, we don’t even go in the house and tell them how bad the state government is and play politics,” he said.

He then pointed out that how the members of other parties such as UMNO and Bersatu, who were allowed to enter flood-hit areas with minimal or no resistance from authorities.

“The most disgusting thing is the double standard in the SOPs! There have been pictures of politicians from other parties circulating and revealing how they can easily enter the houses of the victims with the uniforms of their political parties,” he said.

Syed Saddiq also expressed the unfairness as every time MUDA does the same, it would be rejected and questioned.

The president of MUDA then sought to clarify why is he not allowed to help the people. Watch the press conference here:

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