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“Not My Problem” HKL Pharmacist Rejects Patient’s Request For MyUbat Service

A pharmacist at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) has recently received numerous criticisms from the public after a netizen, Syafarizal Sharif took to Facebook to share his bad customer experience there.

On 10 January, Syafarizal said he was being told to pick up his medication every 2 weeks in person until June. As he lives in Sungai Buloh, he normally requested the pharmacy to send his medication to his home using MyUbat.

However, the pharmacist on duty told him that he cannot use MyUbat for that anymore and he has to show up in person at HKL to collect the medication.

The pharmacist also did not give any explanation so as to why he cannot use MyUbat, despite Syafarizal said he was able to use the service the week before.

Syafarizal then explained to the pharmacist that the government recently launched MyUbat as a convenient way for patients to get their medications.

In addition, Syafarizal said he is suffering from Allergic Anaphylaxis Type 1 and he can go into Anaphylactic Shock if his medicine supply is cut off.

After all that, Syafarizal only get a cold and heartless reply from the pharmacist, as he says “not my problem” before he turns around to talk with his colleagues and told Syafaizal to get his medicines from another hospital.

Source: Harian Metro

Meanwhile, Syafarizal is not accepting this treatment and he decides to record the second round of the conversation. He even got the pharmacist’s name and told the pharmacist he’ll bring it up with the Health Ministry (KKM) and the director of HKL.

Following the incident, he received several calls from the hospital and another pharmacist called and requested not to bring the issue up with KKM, but Syafarizal kept denying their request.

After which, the pharmacist offered to send Syafarizal his medications if he returns to HKL to fill in the necessary details in MyUbat. Syafarizal replied with the same response the pharmacist gave and said, “It’s not his problem” and they can discuss it with KKM on their own.

In the comment section, netizens slammed the pharmacist for being rude and agreed with Syafarizal for reporting the incident to KKM.

Some netizens also felt bad for patients who did not argue with the pharmacist and had to collect their medications at the hospital every week.

Meanwhile, HKL has released an official statement to explain that it was a misunderstanding between the 2 parties. HKL added that some medications can’t be delivered using MyUbat due to a stock shortage.

HKL also said the usual delivery service will be resumed once the medicine stock returns to normal.

As for the rude response from the pharmacist in question, HKL promised a similar incident will not take place again. They promised that be service improvements will be made at all service counters too.

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