Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Man Claims Drizzling Magical Liquid Into Petrol Nozzle Increases RON95’s Performance, But Netizens Weren’t Amused

Social NewsMan Claims Drizzling Magical Liquid Into Petrol Nozzle Increases RON95's Performance, But...

Every once in a while, we will hear stories of how we could save money on petrol, such as shaking your car violently to somehow get the petrol tank load up more petrol.

Recently, there’s a new method of saving money that went viral on social media and it involves drizzling a magical liquid into the petrol nozzle.

According to Twitter user @twtbikers, the magical liquid is called Eco Star and it has the miraculous ability of increasing RON95 petrol’s quality to match RON97’s quality.

Source: Twitter

The video originally came from TikTok and it features a man inserting a liquid into a petrol nozzle claiming the quality and performance of RON95 petrol can be improved with the help of that liquid.

According to the man, he chose to use RON 95 petrol because when mixed with the magical liquid, it improves the quality of the RON95 petrol to be equivalent to RON 97.

The man can be seen dripping the liquid into the nozzle before pouring it into this Audi.

The video went viral on social media with many having their jaws dropped after seeing the man’s action. Let aside his car, netizens were concerned as the man puts the liquid into the nozzle and there will be other customers using the nozzle afterward which could expose others to whatever dangers that liquid could pose. 

In addition, netizens also pointed out the dangers while handling the petrol pump given the fact that they were recording the video at a petrol station while the man was handling the petrol pump.

Meanwhile, a quick check on Shopee showed that this magical liquid called Eco Star is being sold at a whooping RM150. Given this price, it’s not so much of a saving too.

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