Monday, January 30, 2023

“Are You Protecting Their Identity?” Local Media Faces Backlashes For Censoring Faces Of Pigs

Social News"Are You Protecting Their Identity?" Local Media Faces Backlashes For Censoring Faces...

Malaysia is a rather conservative country with policies that strongly oppose issues involving sex, gambling, and consumption of alcohol, so does our censorship.

Recently, a local media came under fire after it posted a picture on Instagram that had faces of pigs censored.

The story started when the local media platform was reporting about a large number of pigs that were recently infected by African Swine Fever (ASF) at Paya Mengkuang.

Source: Twitter

However, the media company had made the decision to censor the faces of the pigs, which is believed to be due to religious matters.

The Instagram post then went viral with many criticising them for the odd censorship. The post was subsequently taken down, but the matter did not just stop there, and netizens were bringing it to Twitter too.

On Twitter, a number of netizens expressed their confusion over the matter and asked why they are hiding the pig’s face?

Meanwhile, most of them left sarcastic remarks, saying pigs were their friends and they need to protect their identity.

Another asked whether this is some “guess the animal” game too.

Interestingly, a netizen jokingly asked people to have some respect towards the victims, which in this case are the pigs. They explained that the reason why they blurred out the pigs’ faces were because of a thing called “PDPA” which is an acronymfor “Piggies Data Protection Act”.

What do you think about this censorship? Share your thoughts!

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