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Apple Fitness+ introduces an easier way to pick of its workouts

Apple recently announced more updates on Apple Fitness+. The additional updates include Time To Run — which is basically the Time To Walk feature but for running, and Collections — a curated series of workouts and meditations from the Fitness+ library, which can help you work towards your fitness goals easier.


The introduction of Collections to Apple Fitness+ is a welcomed addition, as the platform has “almost 2,000 workout and meditation videos” to choose from. So, rather than taking time to pick which workout is best for you, you can just select one of the Collections that share your same fitness goal.

The Collections are pretty limited currently — Apple Fitness+ is only introducing 6 of them at the moment but I expect that they will slowly curate more videos for Collections. The selections include 30-Day Core Challenge, Run Your First 5K, Improve Your Posture with Pilates, Perfect Your Yoga Balance Poses, Strengthen and Stretch Your Back and Hips, and Wind Down for a Better Bedtime.

The number of workout or meditation sessions vary depending on the Collection. For example, Perfect Your Yoga Balance Poses has 8 sessions, while Wind Down for a Better Bedtime has a whopping 14 sessions to choose from. Collections also include a suggested plan to “help users make intentional training choices over the next several days or weeks”.

Time To Run

Time to Run is a “new audio running experience designed to help users become more consistent and better runners”. Each episode is focused on a popular running route in popular locations — like the playlist for “Miami Beach”, which features Latin music “inspired by the vibrant sights and sounds of the city”.

The episodes are also composed of inspiring coaching tips from Fitness+ trainers. During Time to Run, users will also receive photos taken by the Fitness+ trainer of notable sights along their route — so it would seem like you’re travelling along with them.

Time to Run has already launched with three episodes: London, coached by Cory Wharton-Malcolm; Brooklyn, coached by Emily Fayette; and Miami Beach, coached by Sam Sanchez. However, one new episode of Time to Run will be released each week on Mondays.

Fitness+ has also introduced the third season of Time to Walk with guests like Hasan Minhaj and Chris Meloni. The season follows the second season closed by an episode featuring His Royal Highness Prince William, talking about the importance of keeping mentally fit. 


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