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Viral Anti-Vaxxer Muslim Preacher Allegedly Runs Anti-Vaxxer Village In Pahang

Social NewsViral Anti-Vaxxer Muslim Preacher Allegedly Runs Anti-Vaxxer Village In Pahang

A Muslim preacher has recently come under the limelight for admitting being unvaccinated and bringing other unvaccinated Malaysians for umrah in Saudi Arabia.

However, it seems that that’s not the only thing he was up to.

Apparently, the preacher, Ustaz Abu Syafiq, also allegedly runs an Antivaxxer village in Pahang and had previously tried to recruit Antivaxxers to join and live there.

In October 2021, he posted an invitation on an Instagram account, tawaqquf_vaksin, called which is believed to be run by him. The invitation reads “Opportunities for those who are not vaccinated. Any families who are oppressed by the vaccines and have lost their livelihoods, I would like to inform you of a few important things.”

Source: Instagram

“You can join the Islamic village that I have arranged. Inside, there is gardening, farming, live stock, congregational prayers at Musolla and Sunnah Quran knowledge session and more.”

He also shared that the village is located in Pahang because “we have some advantages there to practice this noble cause and it is my state”.

However, he did said that those joining the village will have to abide by his rules and participate in the activities accordingly.

Source: Harian Metro

“It is obligatory to follow all Sunnah activities, Ilmu Dewasa and all that is arranged.”

“For the beginning of the activities of this Islamic village, there are a few general methods that must be followed so as not to be disturbed by any parties. It is temporary because we do not want to be disturbed so that future activities run smoothly”, he explained.

The preacher also shared his phone number for those who are are interested in joining, and claimed that he, Ustaz Abu Syafiq is the Founder of Tawaqquf Vaccine.

Meanwhile, there have been similar villages that were discovered and raided by PDRM officers back in April 2020. Berita Harian had reported that Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) received a complaint on the violation of Islamic law by a group that had built an illegal village in Batang Kali.

Source: Berita Harian

The group’s social way of life was not common with Islamic law and the 238 villagers, which included children and babies, had been arrested.

Nonetheless, it is not sure if the anti-vaxxer village is still up and running or it is no longer in operations, but one thing for sure is that this man is a hardcore anti-vaxxer.

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