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Strong Winds Blow Paraglider From Perak To Kedah!

Social NewsStrong Winds Blow Paraglider From Perak To Kedah!

The northeast monsoon climate brings heavy downpours and strong winds to Malaysia.

On Sunday (9 January), a paraglider had a crash landing into the compound of a mosque in Padang Kulim, Kuala Ketil, Kedah during paragliding and suffered injuries to his backbone.

Surprisingly, the victim was reported to have taken off from Pengkalan Hulu Perak, Perak and the strong wind brought him all the way to Kedah!

The 34-year-old victim from Banting, Selangor, was reported to have taken off in his paraglider around noon in Perak. He roamed in the air for about 90 minutes before a strong wind started to blow, causing him to lose control of his glider.

After being hit by the strong wind, the victim landed within the area of the mosque in Kedah, which prompted the people around to immediately inform the authorities.

Source: Facebook

According to Astro Awani, Superintendent Shamsudin Mamat, Baling State Chief Police said that officers on duty in Kuala Ketil Police Station contacted the health clinic right after they received the information from the public.

“They contacted the health clinic to get an ambulance to the scene. At 1.55 p.m., the victim was successfully brought to the hospital for further treatment,” he said.

Despite the injuries, the victim is currently in stable condition. No police reports were lodged regarding the incident too, but it has since gone viral on social media.

Here’s a reminder that some extreme sports can be fun and filled with adrenaline, but do check out for the weather before continuing with the sports. Safety always comes first!

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