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Muslim Preacher Admits Bringing In Unvaccinated Umrah Pilgrims, Claims Vaccines Are A Hoax

Source: Instagram

Last week, the Ministry of Health (KKM) has put a temporary ban on umrah pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia after hundreds who returned to the country from their umrah were infected with Covid-19.

More interestingly, about 14% of the travellers were found to be unvaccinated and this made us wonder how they were able to get through the various checks.

While we are figuring how it happened, a Muslim preacher had recently made a daring confession via his Instagram post, saying “I admit that I am unvaccinated and I brought the others to Saudi, who are unvaccinated as well.”

The preacher was known as Ustaz Abu Syafiq and he revealed that there are a lot of other travellers who are unvaccinated too. He also claimed that the vaccines will disappear and expire, adding that vaccines are a scam by those who address themselves as the “experts.”

In another Instagram post, he claimed that vaccines may contain the HIV/AIDS virus, and he urged the people who have been vaccinated to undergo HIV tests.

“Stop worshipping the vaccines and stop making World Health Organizations (WHO) your God,” he urged.

Meanwhile, some netizens share the same opinion with the preacher and said that vaccines are a hoax.

“In overseas, vaccines are simply SOPs where we practice what we think is beneficial for us. Over here in Malaysia, it’s like a law. I don’t get our government.” a netizen said.

“You have my support this time. Too many lies. Even a 5-years-old has to be vaccinated now, they said it’s not compulsory but the school, on the other hand, said the opposite. That’s their game.” another netizen said.

On contrary, there were a number of people who slammed the preacher for spreading such irresponsible remarks and put people at risk.

“You don’t deserve to be called an Ustaz. Take off the kopiah, you don’t portray any images of Islam.”

“Saying no to the vaccine is a choice, but telling lies is also a sin. Just food for thought.”

Nonetheless, the current vaccines indeed do not give permanent protection and require annual boosters. However, getting vaccinated significantly reduces the risk of hospitalisation due to Covid-19 and it definitely saves lives.

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