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Mandatory Religious And Arabic Subject In Sekolah Kebangsaan Sparked Huge Debate Among Netizens

While learning an additional language can be a bonus, making it a mandatory subject can be burdensome for some, especially when it is not as crucial.

Recently, Twitter user @rejaie had shared his daughter’s school timetable on the social media platform and pointed out that the new school she’s moving to, spends about 5.5 hours per week in religious studies (or related subjects) in total.

“That’s the same as English, and MORE than Maths and Science which are at 2.5 hours and 1.5 hours respectively,” he said while stressing that this is not a Sekolah Agama, but a Sekolah Kebangsaan.

He explained that the 5.5 hours include Jawi and Arabic lessons lumped together.

“Arabic and Jawi should be elective. And Islamic studies shouldn’t be separated into so many subjects like that. Especially when non Muslims only have one subject during those periods,”

“Why is Arabic needed? Are we Arabs or Malays? Do you think that if you speak Arabic, they would see you as an equal?” he said.

Meanwhile, his series of tweets caused a huge debate on Twitter, with some agree with Rajaie, saying that it is pointless to have religious related subjects in national schools.

“Religious subjects should not be in national schools. If you want to learn about religion then go to a religious school.” a netizen said.

“Standard 1 students should be focused on the 3Ms (reading, writing, and counting) and STEM subjects. Languages and linguistic skills are important but we already have Bahasa Malaysia and English. That’s sufficient,” another user added.

Source: Malay Mail

On contrary, some said it is important to have religious studies and Arabic as this would enable students to read the Quaran.

“Actually I think that Islamic studies should be taught even more as it has a lot of topics. So it is reasonable to teach them to be good Muslims. That is the reason why we send them to school right?” one netizen said.

“This is even more important nowadays as students are more ruder, watch inappropriate videos, don’t take care of their decency, get into relationships often, dance on TikTok, wear tight clothes. If there is no Islamic studies, I can guarantee that the situation would be worse,” another commented.

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