Tuesday, January 31, 2023

“It’s Still Safe” JKR Receives Tremendous Backlashes For Leaving Road Open Despite “Cracking” Pedestrian Bridge

Social News"It's Still Safe" JKR Receives Tremendous Backlashes For Leaving Road Open Despite...

Being Malaysians, we are all familiar with the authorities’ speed in getting the public facilities fixed. Else, we would not have seen so many potholes on the streets in the city.

To be fair, the authorities ought to focus on urgent things or those that are considered to be hazardous to the public.

The Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR) has recently shared some images on their Facebook, showing a pedestrian bridge which now has huge crack in the structure after an accident.


JKR wrote in the caption, “We advise all road users to be careful when moving under the pedestrian bridge in front of  SMK Pengkalan Permatang di Laluan Persekutuan 5.”

“There has been some damage done to the structure of the bridge after an accident involving a heavy vehicle,”

“JKR Kuala Selangor have examined it and found that the bridge is still safe to drive under.”

“Installation works have started on site,” they said.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, netizens are not convinced that the bridge is safe. Despite the bridge has been sealed off for pedestrian use, vehicles will still drive under it with fears that it will soon collapse.

Many expressed similar concerns and said that it would take ages before the authorities fix the bridge.

“Yes, it is still safe and pedestrians can use the bridge before it falls. Only then it will become unsafe.” a netizen said with sarcasm.

“That’s already not safe. Just get rid of the whole thing. No one uses it anyway… Don’t wait for something undesirable to happen before taking action.” another netizen said.

There were some who requested that the road to be closed off and the bridge to be relocated immediately too, given that the damage is not just to the appearance but to the whole structure as the shape of the bridge has changed.

Nonetheless. the Works Department did not respond to the netizens’ call and it is safe to assume that the ages of waiting will continue.

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