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TNB Now Allows Premise Owner To Change Account Name To Their Tenants

Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) has now provided premise owners an option to change the electricity account name of their rental properties to the tenant’s name by performing Change of Tenancy (COT) during the rental period.

According to TNB, this will be available for both residential and commercial and would ensure orderly account management besides protecting landlords’ rights.

TNB added that changing the name of the account owner to the tenants will allow them to take full responsibility for their electricity consumption and bill payment.

According to NST, Chief retail officer Datuk Ir. Megat Jalaluddin Megat Hassan said TNB would make it easy for customers to apply for COT on the myTNB portal at www.mytnb.com.my or by visiting the nearest Kedai Tenaga.

Meanwhile, he also said the further information and required supporting documents for the name change are available on the myTNB portal.

“Premise owners can still monitor tenants’ monthly payment and usage patterns over time through the myTNB application and portal,” Megat Jalaluddin said.

This comes after a recent complaint by premise owners who were burdened by their tenants’ electricity bills after the discovery of TNB’s installation and meter tampering by bitcoin cryptocurrency operators.

The name change option will also reduce the risk of owners having to settle tenants’ defaulted bill payments.

“We are always open to meeting our customers for further clarification and discussion,” he said.

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